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Enterprise Botswana is a hands-on partner for your business. An important aspect of the services we provide is business facilitation – the nurturing of your business towards investment in Botswana and faster, higher, more consistent growth. This includes active involvement and energies towards Startup, Human Resources, Training, Market Research, Business Networking, Procurement and Sourcing, and Project management, among other allied services. Our efforts in Botswana are a classic example of business facilitation at its best. Botswana is a country of Interest in Africa. Enterprise Botswana’s business in Botswana had taken root as early as 2007 having strong connections in the Government and business circles with the bandwidth to handle major projects. This gave us a solid understanding of the business and trade practices in the country. Enterprise Botswana is therefore perfectly equipped to pass on this understanding in the form of premium business facilitation services
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Enterprise Botswana is situated in the heart of the city in the Main Mall, The location is prime location and is marked as the root of Botswana’s investment drive to economic independence and sustainability.

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